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Jan. 19th, 2016

Travels, Virus & Visa

Hey. I reccently got back from a trip I made to Bolivia and Peru. It was beautifully amazing. All the endless landscapes of desertland we saw driving through Bolivia was especially terrific. When we came to Peru we went to bigger cities such as Cusco and Lima, which wasn`t quite the same as the middle of nowhere places we went to in Bolivia. The clouds were so close to us it felt surreal.

So the trip was amazing but it also got us very sick. Mr.T got sick during travel and I got bad first when we hit Japan. I felt a little bit unwell so I went to doctor. And I found out that I got a virus. A contagious one.
I work in the food industry so this was not okay. God bless I got it during a quiet time at work, but I really didn`t want to be banned from going to work. There`s like no substitutes. But I just had to nicely rest at home for a couple of days which turned out to be almost a full week.

The virus gave me diarrhea, I was feeling nauseous, had no appetite, fever and headaches. I`ve just been sleeping the whole time. When me husband came home in the evenings it was a bit better but since he`s gone for a business trip now I`m all alone. I can handle the virus, I`m just scared of it being contagious for others.

Went to renew or extend my visa yesterday. Other people with the same visa have like 5 years on it so I was hoping for at least 3 but I got 1. JUST ONE. The first time I issued it I got one because it was my first time, fair enough.
From the next time I renewed it, they told me that it might be 3, 5 years. They never said was it depends on.
I was told since it was my first time extending it, I only get 1 year. From the next time, I get 3 years.
Oh well. I don`t intend on staying here forever anyway.

My body and soul is longing to leave this country. Maybe to go home, maybe to experience living in a different one.
i just don`t like where I am in life right now, this year there will be change. I just don`t where or how.

Jan. 8th, 2015

A New Year



Happy new year!
2015 has begun.

The first lesson of the year was a bit different; there was no need for textbooks.

The entrance.

We wrote kakizome which is similar to a New Year's resolution.
Kakizome is calligraphy and consists of one or four kanji and these resemble a wish that you'd like to see come true or a goal for that year.
クラスメートの中で多めの人が[大学合格] 、[能力試験合格]などを書いた。
Many of my classmates wrote 大学合格(daigaku goukaku) which means to "get into university".

I choose to write this; 友達大切(tomodachi taisetsu) which literally reads "friends important" and what I mean is to cherish my friends (more!)
Both my friends that live far far away but also the friends who were so close that I couldn't see.
To be honest, I didn't think I had anyone I could call a friend here. I think I was denying myself in a way.
There are people around me who I can trust, talk to and laugh with. So this year, I'm going to do my best to let them know just how much I love and appreciate them.

This is where you wash your hands and mouth. 手や口を洗う所。

Here is where you meet god.

Then we went hatsumoude which is the first time you go to the shrine that year. :)

Gott Nytt År!!
Happy new year!!

Dec. 6th, 2014

The first snow/初雪

Yesterday the first snow fell and covered the streets in white. This morning it was still there!

It wasn't too fun to cycle in the snowstorm yesterday but it's so beautifully white
today and I'm so happy. ♥️

I slept in today and I feel like I managed to catch up on the last 1-2 months lack of sleep! I feel so refreshed!

Made pancakes with a mix that a friend got me from the Netherlands. I've never studied the language but it was easy to understand (for a Swede). :)
オランダにいる友達にもらったパンケーキミキスを作ってみた。言葉は勉強した事はないけど、(スウェーデン人にとってには) 以外と簡単だった!

This is what they turned out like.

Snow outside out apartment.

My boyfriend' s parents house in Kaga.
彼氏の実家 (加賀市)

Made myself some hot cocoa won soy milk with some cinnamon and I must say it's pretty good!

Now then, back to reviewing for the JLPT TOMORROW.


Nov. 19th, 2014

A day off

My definition of a day off has changed since I came to Japan. Yesterday I had class but I was off from work so I had the whole afternoon open.
It was such a great feeling. I took the bicycle to this bakery called wagome who makes egg, gluten, milk-free bread and muffins. Listening to music while cycling and not have somewhere you HAVE to go was so refreshing.

リンクはこちら: http://wagome.net

That evening I went to a friend's place and she made me the best risotto ever (with lactose free cheese).
And the best gluten/milk free banana muffins I've ever had.
I'm ready to move in! Haha

The best risotto ever

Banana &cinnamon muffins
I almost forgot the most funniest thing. My boyfriend came to pick me up and I told him the room number of my friend' place but for some reason he went to the neighbor next door. It seemed like they were both shocked and lost for words.
She came over later and we all had a good laugh...and that's how you meet new people! Haha


Nov. 10th, 2014

22 & gluten free pie crust recipe

I just turned 22, last Saturday (8 nov).
Even thought it was the weekend my boyfriend had to go to work (even thought he had a fever), so I went grocery shopping.

I made gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian pies for lunch and invited some classmates and friends. I'm happy and rather surprised that all of them was able to come!

Gluten free pie crust(makes one pie)
1 egg
150ml rice flour
A pinch of salt
1/4tsp Baking powder
About 50~100ml olive oil ( start with a little and add on as you go, if it falls apart add a little more)

How to:
Beat the egg. Then mix the dry ingredienses separately. Mix them together with the egg and add oil a little at a time.

Mix the goodness with you hands and take a little dough at a time and press it down into your pie tin. Make sure to fill in any cracks.

I pre-baked the crust at 190 C for 10min, took it out put in the filling and back in for 15-20min (depends on what filling).

I also made lactose free chocolate ice cream. It turned out a lot better than I could've dreamed of. It was like my birthday present to myself haha. ;)

Oh and I got presents!!

Flowers, necklace, bracelets, a puppy, warm socks and more! (look, there's even a love letter! )

My fabulous guests!

That evening, my boyfriend's parents came to pick us up a took us to a SUPER NICE restaurant. I didn't know where we were going so it was exciting to head of.


It was so good that we almost forgot to take pictures. That's why there's so little on our plates, hehe.

We all looked like big babies.

My boyfriend made me a cake, the next day (his mother was kind enough to make the sponge). :) The text on the cake says Grattis, which means Congrats in Swedish.

Over and out!

Oct. 2nd, 2014

Kobe part 2 of 2/神戸パート2

Woke up in Kobe.
...to this. 朝、目が覚めたらこんな景色が見られた。
Streets of Kobe. 神戸のどこかの大きい道路です。
IKEA's restaurant menu. Curry with rice? Only at IKEA (in Japan)!
So we need some butter, milk and tomatto. Tomatto? Really now??
Tired boyfriend. 眠そうな彼氏<3
Later that day we found out that one of my friends Jun, was gonna play at a café! Too bad we found out so late or we could've actually seen it. :<
He has a YouTube, listen and subscribe!

Sep. 21st, 2014

Kobe & Osaka part 1 of 2/神戸と大阪パート1

Went to Osaka to meet up with a dear friend
And then to Kobe to see Ayaka live!

Breakfast in the train. 電車で朝ごはん
^ - ^
We went to a Swedish café in Osaka called Fågel blå,
But apart from desert the food was Japanese cuisine.
Waffles! They made them lactose/milk free just for me. ( i _ i )
Me and my friend, the last photo! (>人<)
Our fancy hotel room!
The room came with a stunning night view over Kobe. ;)

Fågel blå (フォーゲルブロー): https://m.facebook.com/FagelBla?_rdr
To be continued...

Sep. 13th, 2014

ロサンゼルスにたかとび A date in L.A



Went on a date with my boyfriend today. :)
We decided to go on a trip to...Los Angles!!! (Café in Kanazawa, Japan)

We had pita bread sandwiches and this place had VEGAN cakes!! It was so good and I'll defiantly be going back there. ;)

笑っている彼氏。My smiling sweetheart.

The pita bread sandwich! (Not to be mistaken with Peter Pan. Japanese for pita bread: pita pan, Japanese for Peter Pan: piita pan, haha).

ラフランスのシナモンタルトと生姜が入ったキャロットマフィンでーす!For desert; pear and cinnamon tart and a carrot & ginger muffin.

After that we went to chill out by the river. It's such nice weather today. <3

See ya!

Sep. 7th, 2014

Project Balkong/プロジェクトバルコニー

För mig som svensk så är en balkong=uteplats. Medans för de flesta Japaner(i min närhet) så är det helt otänkbart att sitta ute på balkongen, nej nej det går inte för sig. På balkongen hänger man kläder, punkt slut.
Men jag tänkte att det ska jag ändra på!
Hmmm...det gröna försvann ju i alla fall!

Hungrig pojkvän...

Jag. 私。
Gårdagens middag blev detta: Kyckling-wok med en sorts paprika, lök, morötter och ris.
Kryddat med salt & peppar, sojasås, ingefära, vitlök och en skvätt kokosmjölk. :)

See you!

Sep. 5th, 2014

おわら風の盆の祭り/Owara Kaze no Bon Festival




The other day, a friend of mine was kind enough to invite me to a festival in Toyama called Owara Kaze no Bon. It was held in a small village, and everybody was really friendly and it almost felt like nobody was a stranger. Really nice. :)
The festival started at 18:00 and continued until 3:00 or 4:00 in the night, I was told. The scheduled dances ends at 22:30 but from that on, people start improvising and dance as they like, which is the charm of this festival.
The festival is held on the 1,2 and 3rd of september every year and I really do recommend it!

I made a explanatory video, so please do have a look! :)

またね!See ya!

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